11 arrested for gambling with Rs. 700000 in cash

Gambling arrested in Jhapa

Police have arrested 11 people from Damak with more than Rs. 7,00,000 lakh in cash while they were gambling.

According to District Police Office Spokesperson Rakesh Thapa, a team including Damak Area Police Office Deputy Superintendent of Police Nawaraj Karki raided the house of Thirraj Khatiwada at Damak-8 around 11 am on Tuesday.

He informed that the police also recovered Rs. 7,45,500 including six book cards from the arrested persons. Among the arrested are Narendra Thapa, 54, of Damak-1, Narendra Limbu, 23, of the same ward, Hark Dhimal, 43, of Damak-2, Chandra Limbu, 31, of Damak-6, and Krishna Khatiwada, 40, of Damak-7. Surendra Shrestha, 37, of Damak-9, Purnaprakash Rijal, 44, of Damak-8, Sushan Rijal, 28, of the same ward, Kul Raj Khadka, 38, of Damak-7 and Hark Limbu, 37, of Ilam Chulachuli-6 have been arrested, according to the District Police Office.

Police Spokesperson Deputy Superintendent of Police Thapa said that further investigation is underway at the Area Police Office.