18+ Adult Manhwa /Manga similar to Maidens In-law [Top 10 Recommendations]

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If you’re looking for a sizzling alternative to Maidens In-law, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Jung Eunkyung, who was primarily interested in Park Kyutae, was followed by Park Hyungsoo, who began to have affections for his older brother’s wife. The story begins off badly, with an unlikable main character who engages in some dubious behavior, but it gradually improves. Now, without further ado, here are some of my favorite comics.

Maidens In-law

Maidens In-law

Like Maidens In-law, the most recommended 18+ mature webtoons are:

1. Secret Class

  • Author and Artist: Gang-cheol Wang, Minachan
  • Chapters: 120+ (Ongoing)


Dae Ho, who became an orphan when he was 13, was adopted by a friend of his father’s. Dae Ho, on the other hand, had no knowledge of the male-female interaction as an adult. Aunt and sisters planned to hold a secret seminar for pure Dae Ho.

2. Stepmother’s Friends

  • Author and Artist: Mokbegae, Red-A
  • Chapters: 110+ (Ongoing)


My mother died while I was young, and she left my father and me to live together. Dad tried to relieve my suffering, so he allowed me enjoy a carefree life. My father then showed me to a young and lovely woman whom he had married because she craved the man’s property. However, when I witnessed her real love for my father, I gradually opened my heart to her…

Seowoo is a young man who has never had an intimate connection, but he had no idea until he viewed a video on the internet. He discovers his young stepmother’s secret, which causes them to become more connected with him, his stepmother, and her friends.

3. Boarding Diary

  • Author and Artist: Kim Jetta, Suspect H
  • Chapters: 90+ (Ongoing)


Jun-woo is a fresh student who is staying at a boarding home run by a friend near the school. Mi-kyung, the boarding house’s female owner, looks after him while he lives there. But one day, he discovers her in her room, watching a hidden video… “Aunty… I didn’t see that right, did I?”

4. Twice the Love

  • Author and Artist: Siamtwins, Mask
  • Chapters: 53 (Completed)


Alex was enjoying his newlywed life until Becky, his wife’s mischievous twin sister, moved in with them. She continues to make advances toward him, leaving the main character perplexed as to whether it is his wife or his sister-in-law who is pursuing him. Enjoy this lighthearted comic with a strange sense of comedy and the expected drama.

5. Keep it a secret from your mother!

  • Author and Artist:
  • Chapters: 45+ (Ongoing)


After obtaining a spot at a top school, Hae-Seong relocates to the home of one of his mother’s friends and begins his new life with Yeona and her fitness-obsessed daughter. He assumed that doing well in school would be enough to succeed in life, but the best students are also skilled at love. “The classroom wasn’t just for learning…?!?”

6. Cohabitation with My Ex-Wife

  • Author and Artist: Lee Dae-pal, Black Rabbit
  • Chapters: 67 (Completed)


We have harmed each other numerous times over the last two years. Characters with different personalities, financial concerns, familial problems, and a lack of chemistry. Ha Taeho’s marriage to Cha Gaeun was not all fun and happiness, and they are now on their path to divorce. He made a final plea to his wife at that time. He had no idea that his request would have such a significant impact on their relationship.

7. My Kingdom/ Silent War

  • Author and Artist: Tharchog, Yansae
  • Chapters: 160 (Completed)


For ‘Gunner,’ a ruthless gang leader, Hyun’ generates money through betting on sports. He wants to go away from it all, yet he is terrified. Things begin to change, though, when ‘Mia,’ the girl of his dreams, approaches him, and things never return to normal.

8. A Wonderful New World

  • Author and Artist: Yoon Gon-Ji, Hard Work
  • Chapters: 140+ (Ongoing)


Because he was accused of installing a camera in the women’s bathroom, Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of Korea’s major firms, is hunched over like a sinner. In the end, though, he was found not guilty. The team manager then abruptly informed him of his reassignment one day. It appeared that she had triumphed until…

9. The Perfect Roommates

  • Author and Artist: Andromeda11
  • Chapters: 70 (Completed)


Those aren’t my sisters! They’re gold prospectors! They’re not going to tamper with me.

Our main character, Jay, is a 21-year-old college student whose life is going to be turned upside down when his father unexpectedly announces that he is remarrying, and now he has two new step-sisters who storm into his home. His pal, on the other hand, believes they are seeking his father’s fortune. So, what really is the truth here?

10. Don’t be like that Son-in-law

  • Author and Artist: Gyulpi, Kkamja
  • Chapters: 67 (Completed)


Yoo Aeran and Kim Jihoon began their relationship as a mother-in-law and son-in-law. Despite the fact that Aeran is in his mid-40s, he is continually drawn to her, and their gorgeous cohabitation begins!

Final Thoughts on In-Law Maidens!

We appear to have come to the end of the list. The Maidens In-law manhwa has been a fascinating read for most of us, with a superb main protagonist, well-written secondary characters, and a conventional plot.

We’ve compiled this list for you because you’re looking for a similar manhwa. We hope you found what you were looking for, and even with all of these titles, you should be able to find at least one manhwa that appeals to you.

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