Two workers die in fire at Jagadamba Steels Industry

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Two workers of the Jagadamba Steels Industry in Simara, Bara have died when a tank containing furnace oil burst into flames.

 Three others are injured.

Both the deceased are Indian nationals. The deceased have been identified as Pradip Godh, 40, and Ramnath Mahato, 45, of Bihar, India.

Raj Kumar Bika, Indra Prasad Adhikari and Nawaraj Chaulagain were injured in the accident.

The injured are undergoing treatment at Terai Simara Hospital, police said. Chief of the Area Police Office, Simara, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Deepak Shrestha said that their condition was normal.

There was also a fire in the industry after the tank exploded. The fire was brought under control with the help of fire brigade of Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolis and Nepal Oil Corporation.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Shrestha said that no damage was done to the tank of another furnace oil.

According to Deepak Karki, secretary of the union, the furnace oil tank near the iron heating furnace in the industry burst into flames.

‘The industry has tanks of furnace oil like in Oil Corporation. The workers had gone to repair it as it was closed for a long time, ‘he said.’ There was gas in the tank and it exploded as soon as it hit the lid. ‘