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20 million budget for journalists in Gandaki

The Gandaki state government has told the journalists that it has allocated a budget of more than Rs 20 million for the coming fiscal year. 

Minister for Social Development and spokesperson Kumar Khadka said in a meeting with Kaski Press Union close to the Nepali Congress that the amount was set aside for journalists.

Spokesperson Khadka said that his government has introduced a ‘new program’ for journalists and allocated the amount. “A budget of Rs 6 million has also been proposed for the construction of buildings in six districts where the building of the Federation of Nepali Journalists has not been constructed,” he said.

Spokesperson Khadka claimed that the newly formed government was in favor of the people. 

He also said that he would move forward in consultation with the journalists for the benefit of the journalists.

In the budget statement of the Fiscal Year 2078/79, the state government has mentioned the plan from the construction of the journalist building to the fund set up by the state branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists.

During the meeting, Kaski Press Union President Navin Sigdel said that the state government should bring a program to boost the morale of working journalists. 

Union Central Vice President Ramesh Poudel stressed on the need to understand the essence of the media by looking at its condition.

The Gandaki state government has brought a budget of Rs. 30.03 billion for the fiscal year 2078/79. Discussion on the budget has not started as the ministries of the state government formed on April 12 could not be shared.

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