3.8 million Nepali have been vaccinated against coronavirus So far

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Vaccinated against Coronavirus

So far, 3.8 million Nepalis have been vaccinated against coronavirus in Nepal. 

According to the Ministry of Health, 1.366 million of them have taken both the doses.

Covisild, Verosel, and Johnson have now been vaccinated in Nepal. Of these, covishield and Vero cell should be applied in two doses, while Janssen should be applied only once. 

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, the first dose of covishield vaccine has been administered to 1.828 million people across the country so far.

Similarly, 460,308 people have taken both doses. The number of the first users of Vero cell in the country is 1.548 million. Both the amounts have been applied by 694,560 people.

A single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been administered to 211,178 people.

 In Bagmati, Johnson alone has 172,977 people.

One million grants from Covishield India, one million from the Indian Army, one million purchased with serum, and 348,000 doses of Covax facility have entered Nepal.

The Johnson vaccine has received, 1.534 million doses from the United States through the Covax facility.

Similarly, 1.8 million Vero cell vaccines have been procured from China through grants and 1.6 million. 

So far, 7.3 million doses of vaccine have entered Nepal, according to the Ministry of Health.

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