300 deaths reported from Covid-19 in Karnali

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The death toll from Coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached 300 in Karnali Nepal

According to the Health Services Directorate, the death toll has skyrocketed since the second wave of corona spread. Of the 40 people killed in the first wave, the death toll has risen to 300 since the second wave began.  

So far, 24,343 people have won the corona infection in the state. In the last 24 hours, 392 patients have been cleared of infections, according to the directorate. According to the updated statistics of the directorate, out of the total 27 thousand 421 infected people, the number of active infected people is one thousand 582. 

Health Director Dr. Rabin Khadka said that although the death rate has come down in the last few weeks, the infection rate has not come down. “Even if there is a slight reduction in infection and mortality, the risk remains,” he said. The restraining order has been continued.