4 leaders including Omprakash Pun left with the revolution – Online Khabar

4 leaders including Omprakash Pun left with the revolution - Online Khabar

9 Asar, Dhangadhi. Four leaders, including Neti Bikram Chand (Biplava) -led former Communist Party of Nepal Polit Bureau member Seti Mahakali in-charge Omprakash Pun, have resigned en masse.

Former Central Member and Seti In-Charge Shankar Bahadur Khadka, Ninth General Convention Organizing Committee Member and Mahakali In-Charge Dal Bahadur Dhami and former Darchula and Kanchanpur In-Charge and Special Committee members have resigned saying that they will unite the Maoist faction based on the people’s war.

“Considering the changing world politics and national politics, we have decided to change the current political trend and path. The Communist Party of Nepal We have decided to secede, ”the joint press release said.

Confirming their collective resignation, Omprakash Pun, in-charge of Seti Mahakali, said, “We have realized the unity and polarization of the communist movement. Our leadership is not in a position to move in this direction now. The fragmented and divided communist forces should not be sitting in small groups.

He said that if the communist revolutionaries could not be united and strong on the streets, in the parliament and in the front of the government, the imperialists would launch a campaign to unite all as it would create a situation for the country.

Leader Pun said that discussions were underway on the issue of Maoist entry into the center and that no conclusion had been reached. He said that they have a plan to link other forces with the Maoists.

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