4 new movies and TV shows to watch, This week on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and more

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On Netflix and other streaming services, what should you watch this weekend?


Given the relative quiet of last weekend’s streaming service debuts, you’ll be relieved to discover that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max have decided to double down on their lineup of new movies and TV shows set to debut in the coming days. In a nutshell, you’re in for a great weekend.

While there aren’t any superheroes swooping into libraries this month – which is a breath of fresh air, to be honest – there are plenty of highly anticipated dramas, miniseries, and claustrophobic thrillers to keep you occupied.

From fresh sci-fi animations to poignant historical dramas, we’ve rounded up seven of the best attractions coming to streamers this weekend.

Oxygen (Netflix)

Oxygen, a French-language thriller starring Mélanie Laurent, is about a lady who wakes up in a cryogenic pod and has to figure out who she is and how she got there before she runs out of oxygen. It appears to be a mash-up of Buried and Prometheus, which is an intriguing mix to say the least.

The film has received mostly positive reviews for its high-tension drama and Laurent’s solitary performance, so it’s worth seeing even if simply to relieve your own pandemic-induced solitude.

Netflix now has it available to watch.


Hacks (HBO Max)

Hacks feature Jean Smart, a washed-up Las Vegas stand-up comic who becomes an odd mentor to a budding comedy writer, and is produced by Mike Schur of Parks & Recreation and written by Paul W. Downs, Lucia Aniello, and Jen Statsky of Broad City.

Smart’s performance in this film has been praised by critics, and she has had a recent career resurgence thanks to supporting appearances in dramas such as Fargo, Watchmen, and Mare of Easttown. Expect some appropriately amusing pranks from Kaitlin Olson and Carl Clemons-Hopkins.

Episodes 1 and 2 are now available to watch on HBO Max, with new episodes coming out every week.


Halston (Netflix)

Halston, a five-episode version of the unauthorized biography of late celebrity fashion designer Roy Halston, has gotten a lot of attention. The Netflix series has been dubbed “an erroneous, fabricated depiction” by his family, while Ewan McGregor, who stars in it, has been acclaimed for a portrayal that demonstrates the actor’s often unacknowledged range.

In any event, expect sex, drugs, and plenty of bright clothing in this spectacular journey through the 1970s and 1980s New York design scene. After all, McGregor playing a hedonistic gay icon can’t be bad practice for the Obi-Wan series on Disney Plus, can it?

Netflix now has it available to watch.


Love, Death & Robots Vol. 2 (Netflix)

This weekend, Netflix releases Volume 2 of the wonderful Love, Death & Robots anthology series, with eight more deliciously wacky episodes that will undoubtedly prove that less is often more when it comes to outstanding narrative.

Beautifully produced character designs, colorful

landscapes, and voice cameos from big-name performers like Michael B. Jordan are all to be expected. We’re a little bummed by the lower episode quantity this time around – especially when compared to Volume 1’s 18 (!!!) episodes – but we’re confident that Love, Death & Robots’ new additions will keep our eyes and jaws open.

Have you seen this trailer, for example?

Netflix now has it available to watch.