7 Steps To Achieving Almost Any Goal Fast

7 steps to achieving almost any goal fast scaled

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Let’s set the record straight. Achieving success is not super easy, but it can be fast if you do a few things right.

If you think you’re going to read about S.M.A.R.T. goals or anything remotely close to the ordinary, you’re in for a rude awakening. That’s not what this article is about. I won’t even talk about goal setting today at all. In fact, it’s downright insane to set any goals if you can do these seven things.

Ready for some truth? Then here goes…

  1. Shut Up! – Yes, most people who ask me how they can achieve “XYZ” goal have a problem. They don’t shut up! I’m not saying that they talk too much. What they actually do is they keep talking about “how” they are going to do this thing or the next and that they have some amazing idea for something, but at the end of the day, these same people do absolutely nothing with their goal. So, shut up and read number two.
  2. Great ideas mean nothing if you don’t have this! – Do you have a big idea? If you’re like most people seeking some type of significant success in life, then chances are you do. The problem is this. Most people have ideas. Heck we all get them, but most ideas are worthless not because they are bad, not because they are not valuable, but because we ALL have tons of ideas and most of them go to waste. The truth is you have to take action on your ideas and if you have too many, spend your energy on one at a time. Ideas come and go. Ideas that last are the ones we spend focused time, energy and resources on. Think about it this way; even if all you had your entire life was one single idea that you took action on, that idea is far more valuable than fifty genius ideas that never get any focused attention. The bottom line here is pick one idea, know what you want and go do it!
  3. Get off your butt! – I’m not the most talented person in the world. Yes, there are plenty of people more successful than me. (So far anyway) However, there are a thousand times more people who are just getting by in life and they are exponentially more talented than most. So what makes people like me more successful than people who are more talented? The difference is, we get up in the morning and DO something with what we have.
  4. Listen with your ears. – It should come as no surprise that people who are “stuck in life” have a tendency to be “know-it-alls” even if they’re not egotistical about it. These people, maybe even you, immediately jump to the conclusion that they know all about a given subject if anything they hear remotely sounds familiar. The end result is, since they don’t listen, they never get the full picture. They also tend to be the exact people who believe that there’s always something missing for them to become successful. The fact of the matter is, for them to reach success they simply need to listen with an open mind and apply what they learn.
  5. Stop judging success in financial terms. – Yes, money is in fact one of the easiest ways to judge success, however it’s a flawed method that most people use to judge how successful a person is…including themselves. You see, knowing a financial figure doesn’t tell you how much a person really earns anyway. Ask yourself this: Is that their gross income or is that what they can actually take home and spend? Money also does not make a person happier and more fulfilled. Most of the friends I have are wealthier than me. That’s okay because, most of them have marital problems, no love, no children and stress related health problems as a result of their businesses. Trust me, I love money. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and I’m staying rich! Judging my own success by my finances has only led me down the wrong path! Don’t let this happen to you.
  6. Don’t believe everything you see. – Like I said before, most people judge success in financial terms. It is also a known fact that people judge other people based on the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the kind of house they own, or their job. I can tell you from first-hand experience, most of that is nonsense. Why? That’s because there are so many people who have all of those things that are actually living beyond their means. In other words, they may have a nice car or house, but they are a single breath away from financial disaster. Just because a person wears the best clothes, does not mean they can afford to wear the best clothes. Yes that rule even holds true for many of your favorite celebrities.
  7. Get focused! – It should go without saying that if you focus on what you desire, you’ll have everything you could ever want. It sounds amazing but it’s true. The truth of the matter is, most people never truly focus on one main goal in their entire lives. That is why most people find it difficult to achieve their goals and live the life they desire. We all get pulled in what seems like five directions at once in our lives, but it is up to us to pull back and stay focused on the goal we want to achieve. For example, people find it difficult to separate themselves from their friends. When your friends go out for a good time, you have a choice to go with them and have a good time or pull back and work toward achieving your goals. Which would you choose? Before you answer, let me ask you this: When was the last time going out and having a good time ever helped you become successful? Avoid distractions and have fun in moderation when you’re trying to reach your goals.

There you have it. You don’t need a super-sized list of detailed goals to become successful.

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7 steps to achieving almost any goal fast

7 steps to achieving almost any goal fast