A Collection of the Best Study Resources and Practice Tests for Cisco 300-810 Exam

a collection of the best study resources and practice tests for cisco 300 810

A successful Cisco 300-435 certification exam happens if you plan strategically and you give yourself enough time to study. In addition to that, your victory lies in the materials that you use. Therefore, it’s a must to capitalize on the various references that equip you with extensive knowledge about collaboration applications and their key technologies. To guide your preparation, below are the best materials for your reference.

Official Cisco website

But of course, the Cisco site serves as the primary source of information. This platform is loaded with relevant training courses and documents that provide you with an in-depth understanding of the exam.

  • Infographic

As part of the CCNP track, it’s important that you begin with an outline of the certification program in general. The Cisco CCNA brings you the Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Applications Implementation certification at once. Also, this exam is associated with the CCNP Collaboration accreditation, which is one of the technology areas offered by Cisco to advance your enterprise knowledge. This infographic highlights the relevance of CCNP among tech professionals and how things work out to help sort out your goals accordingly. 

  • PDF file of the topics

The major subjects are compiled online and can be downloaded for your convenience. This PDF file sets out everything you need to learn about the exam, from 300-430 to application clients. The coverage is divided into four major parts, and each section comes with a corresponding percentage. Ideally, it’s best to give emphasis to areas with higher weight, particularly Cisco Unified Instant Message and Presence as well as Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express.

  • Training course

Moving forward, it’s time to avail yourself of the official course for Cisco 300-810. Referred to as Implementing Exam-Labs (CLICA) v1.0, this training material thoroughly expounds on the main subjects of the exam. Furthermore, it teaches you the key ways in streamlining communication procedures, utilizing communication systems, and working with compliance measures.

Third-party references

Upon completion of the official resources, continue with your learning path by capitalizing on other materials.

  • Course materials from YouTube

One of the most noteworthy platforms to date is none other than YouTube. Supplying millions of videos online, this site is valuable to anyone preparing for any certification exam, and exam 300-810 is no exception. More than that, you can access various exam content for free!

  • Practice tests online from top-notch websites

There are also relevant sites that offer practice tests for 300-425 . Answering trial exams is crucial to your preparation because this allows you to evaluate your knowledge beforehand. In addition, these are very helpful in boosting your confidence so you can do well during the exam. When choosing practice tests, be sure you opt for those with a credible reputation like Amazon or check the reliable third-party platforms like Certbolt, ExamSnap, or PrepAway. Also, try to answer at least 3 different files so you get to compare the questions and answers.


Setting out your 200-901 exam journey may be a challenging one, but it’s something that opens up a lot of remarkable opportunities. Therefore, you have to study hard for the test and prepare strategically to obtain the CCNP Collaboration in no time. All the listed training resources and practice tests above are valuable tools for success, so try to maximize them as much as you can.