A Division League: Goal in 53 seconds, first hat trick in 3rd Round

A Division League 3rd round
Photo: ANFA

The games of the third phase of the Martyrs’ Memorial A Division League, i.e. Match Week 3, are over. Seven games of the third phase were also played at Dasharath Stadium in Tripureshwar.

As the number of goals increased in the third phase, the first suicide goal was also seen. The first hat-trick of the season also came in the third round.

There is even a situation where any club participating in the league can challenge any club. Due to this, it has become difficult for even big clubs to win.

In the third phase, there were competitive and exciting games. Moments from scoring a goal within 53 seconds to scoring a goal 30 seconds before the end of the game were also seen at this stage.

Highlights of A Division League Third Round:

1. Seven-way flight

Satdobato Youth Club is the new team for A Division. Satdobato, who was promoted to B Division Champion, has made an excellent start in his A Division League debut. Earlier, clubs promoted from the B division seemed to be trying to get relegation. But this time, Satdobato is in excellent rhythm.

Unbeaten in the first three games, Satdobato has won two games and is at the top of the table with seven points. Satdobato, who played a goalless draw with Friends Club in the opening match, stunned the Three Stars in the second match. In the third round, Satdobato defeated APF Football Club 4-1. Satdobato also became the team to score the most goals in a single game. After the third round, the previous winner Machhindra Football Club and the eight-time winner Manang Marsyangdi have also added seven points along with Satdobato. But the goal difference is seven points ahead.

Foreign player Ajayi Martins scored a hat-trick as Satdobato gave APF a wide victory in Matchweek 3. He also became the first player to score a hat-trick in the ongoing league.

These Nigerian players became fatal for APF. Nigeria’s Peter Segun has been playing alongside Martin for seven seasons this season.

2. The first suicide goal

In the third round, the first suicide goal of the league was scored. And Karan Rawat of Satdobato Youth Club became the first player to score a suicide goal.

In the first match of the third phase, they won the match 4-1 against APF.

He scored a suicide goal in the 49th minute of the game.

In the last match of the third round, Jawalakhel Youth Club’s Simanta Thapa scored a suicide goal in the 2-0 defeat against the previous winner Machhindra.

3. The goal in 53 seconds

Having a goal at the beginning of the game adds excitement to the game. A goal was scored within a minute in the 20th match of the league between Himalayan Sherpa Club and Nepal Police Club.

Himalayan Sherpa captain Bishwas Shrestha scored in the 53rd second. He scored using the pass of Indian player Moinuddin. This is the fastest goal of the league this season.

But Sherpa could not maintain the lead. After Suman Lama equalized in the 60th minute, Sherpa shared the points with the police. Ulrich Sive of Himalayan Sherpa came out of the field injured in the 57th minute. When another player did not enter the field in his place, the police returned the goal while Sherpa was among the 10 players.

4. The goal with 30 seconds left

If a goal is scored at the beginning of the game, there is a possibility of returning the goal later. But when a goal is scored in the last minute of the game, it makes a difference in the result. The same thing happened in the 17th game of the league under Match Week Three. Sankata Club took the lead twice but Manang came back and equalized both times and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Manang’s Franklin Kuete Talla scored with 30 seconds left in the game to end Manang’s defeat and prevent Sankata from winning. When Sankata was close to winning 2-1, he scored an excellent goal and gave 1 point to Manang.

Scoring Goal Manang was happy in the last minute but lost 2 points which came to their hands due to the crisis.

The result of the third round of A Division League

Friends 1: 1 Three Star

Satdobato Youth Club 4: 1 APF

Crisis 2: 2 Manang

Castle 1: 1 NRT

Brigade Boys 0: 1 Army

Himalayan 1: 1 Police

Jawalakhel 0: 2 Machhindra

Goalkeeper of the third round

Prakash Budhathoki, Friends

Mikchen Tamang, Three Star

Ajayi Martins (hat trick), Satdobato

Sushil Rai, Satdobato

Karan Rawat (suicide goal), APF

Niraj Basnet, Sankata

Uttam Rye, Sankat

Dayanand Singh, Manang

Franklin Quetta Tala, Manang

Rumesh Bartaula, Castle

Dipesh Ghale, NRT

Bharat Khawas, Army

Vishwas Shrestha, Himalayan Sherpa

Suman Lama, Police

Ranjit Dhimal, Machhindra

Simanta Thapa (suicide goal), Jawalakhal