A Woman Asked TikTok For Advice After Friend’s Dad Asked To Get Drinks

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a woman asked tiktok for advice after friends dad asked to get drinks

A Woman Asked TikTok For Advice After Friend’s Dad Asked To Get Drinks #Woman #Asked #TikTok #Advice #Friends #Dad #Asked #Drinks Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Navigating romantic relationships can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to gauge someone’s interest. Plenty of modern dating applications try and remove the stress of that initial ice breaker: you swipe on someone’s picture or profile so you know there’s at least some modicum of interest and then it’s up to whoever’s talking to either put their foot in their mouth or move the conversation forward to actually meeting up in person.

While there are plenty of reports that have highlighted the adverse effects on mental health that perpetual use of online dating apps has had on people, it can also be pretty darn awkward whenever you get hit on by a family friend, especially when it’s from a person you would’ve never considered dating, like your best friend’s dad.

According to her TikTok video, this is exactly what happened to Amber Pozzi (@amberpozzii).

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She uploaded a video with the caption, “I’m really really scared,” and tells the story of how she received a text from her friend’s father during odd hours of the night.

Text overlay reads: “My friend’s dad is sending me strange messages at night,” as Amber shakes her head saying, “No, nope, I’m turning the light on for this,” as she sits up in bed.

She continues, “It’s literally almost midnight. Just look at the text I just received from my friend’s dad. She stresses, “he must be 58, no judging.”

She then proceeds to show a text interaction between her and the man, which starts off innocently enough. Pozzi proceeds to let the man know she’s not with his daughter, and he says he knows and was “curious” what she was up to and if she was free to get drinks, and if she could “keep this between us.”

She goes on to say, “Is that not like a little weird at this time of night? In general!” She then muses, “I should probably text back. Should I? I can’t, I can’t. He just asked if I was free. Why, why does this happen to me?”

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