The result of the game would have been different if there was no penalty: Coach Almutairi

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Nepali national football team coach Abdullah Almutairi has commented that the result of the game could have been different if there was no penalty against Jordan.

After losing 3-0 to Jordan in the FIFA World Cup and AFC Asian Cup qualifiers on Monday, coach Almutairi reacted by changing the game after a penalty. “We played well. The only mistake in the first half was a penalty. Maybe the result of a game without that penalty could have been different. ‘ Almutairi said in the post-match conference after the game. Then Jordan played very comfortably and added a goal. ‘

He again asked the players not to blame and to be patient after the defeat. ‘Don’t blame the player. They are just playing real football. We have done our best. ‘ He said. “We hope to improve in the upcoming game.”

Almutairi said he would now play balanced football in the game against Australia. Earlier, Nepal had lost 3-0 in the 2019 match at Amman, Jordan’s home ground.

Jordan coach Vital Borkenmans said his team had worked hard and needed more goals. “We still had a lot to score. The players worked hard on the field. I still had to score 3 goals. ‘ Similarly, Vital said that he was satisfied with the victory. ‘3 points is important for us. Now we are looking forward to the game against Kuwait. ‘

Jordan have risen to second place in the table with 13 points from six games, and remain in contention for a place in the third round of the World Cup and in the Asia Cup. Jordan are now likely to be directly selected in the Asia Cup if they win one of the remaining two games. For that, you will have to be in the top four out of the second group in 8 groups.

Jordan now has to play Kuwait and Australia. Nepal has only to play against Australia. Nepal is in the fourth position with 6 points from 7 games after the loss.