Abdullah Almutairi signs a three-year contract with ANFA

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Abdullah Almutairi has signed a three-year agreement as Nepali national football team head coach. 

He will now be the head coach of the national team until 2024.

According to head coach Abdullah Almutairi, the new contract, which started on November 1, will last until the end of 2024. He said earlier, ‘We have discussed creating a better environment for good football. Many things will become clear when the next women’s league starts. ‘

Before playing in the final of the SAFF Championship in the Maldives, Ammutairi had announced to leave Nepal. But after a meeting with All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) president Karmachhiring Sherpa and discussions with the Qatar Football Association, head coach Ammutairi agreed to a new deal.

Saying that the test period has been completed, head coach Almutairi said that he wants to work together for the development of football. “I am a coach and I want to work in football,” he said.

But he insisted on not commenting on his personal life. Head coach Almutairi said earlier, ‘Don’t talk about my life, what I wore, what hair I made. Tell me if there is anything in my work. ‘