Actress Rakshya Shrestha becomes a mother

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Actress Rakshya Shrestha has revealed that she has become a mother. 

The news of her becoming a mother became public two months later.

 She made it public only on Wednesday on the occasion of her birthday as the mother of a daughter. 

On Wednesday, she posted a picture of her daughter on Facebook and said that she has become a mother.

Rakshya Shrestha
Rakshya Shrestha’s Daughter

Although Raksha had made it public that she was pregnant, she had not made it public on social media that she had become a mother. 

 She also said that she named her daughter Mahira Gurung.

Raksha has been acting in Sakkigoni for a long time after the comedy TV movie Bhadragol.

 After finding out that she was pregnant, Raksha left the ‘Dancing with the Stars Nepal’ competition.