Admit a flaw in embossed design, warning not to add gel

July 8, Kathmandu. The government has admitted that there was an error in the design of the embossed number plate. However, according to the Gazette, the vehicles without plates have been confiscated and one year imprisonment has been warned.

In the meeting of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee on the Implementation of the Directive Principles, Policies and Responsibilities of the State of the Federal Parliament on Wednesday, the parliamentarians said that there was a problem of number plates falling off and cracking. What is the reality? Were questioned.

In response, Nawaraj Ghimire, Director General of the Department of Transport Management, admitted that there was a problem with the embossed number plate. Director General Ghimire said that there was a problem of rupture of embossed number plate in the case of motorcycles. “There is a problem with the fitting, it’s because of a design flaw,” he said.

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Director General of Transport Management Department Nawaraj Ghimire / File photo

Ghimire admits that the problem has arisen because of the design of the embossed number plate without adequate research.

According to Ghimire, the plate attached to the back of the vehicle is square. ‘However, not all vehicles have square plates on the back. The back of a Volkswagen car looks like a rectangle, ‘he said. This is the mistake that can easily get your claim denied.

According to Director General Ghimire, nuts are fastened in two places to keep the plate. ‘There is room for two forts just above. You have to put another plate on the bottom, so you have to make a hole in the car, ‘he says.

Ghimire says that there is a problem because the size of the plate of the motorcycle is small. ‘The size of the plate attached to the motorcycle is small. However, since the embossed number plate is in accordance with ISO 9000, it cannot be made smaller than that, ‘he said.

According to him, the embossed number plate attached to most of the motorcycles has been torn after the plate came out of the place.

He said that the problem was more due to collision with another person in the garage and lack of frame for protection of number plate. “Because there was an error in the design, the product was made accordingly,” he adds. After crushing, the hole gets bigger and the plate ends, the plate falls off. ‘

Ghimire said that this problem has increased in the case of motorcycles with embossed number plates recently. Director General Ghimire admits that the problem has arisen because the plates were designed without market research on the nature of the vehicle and the size of the plate.

‘But I have no plans to back down’

Despite complaints from consumers, the government has said it has no plans to back out of the embossed number plate. The government has argued that the government will not back down from implementing the embossed number plate as the state has already paid a large amount for the contract and even if the number plate is not made, the contractor has to pay 100 percent.

Secretary at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Gopal Prasad Sigdel says that a check will be carried out on the embossed number plate from July 20.

He informed that a class has been specified for the connection of embossed number plate before that. According to him, embossed number plates have been made mandatory for new registrations, blue book renewals and name transfers.

Secretary at the Ministry, Sigdel, informed that the government has taken a policy to strictly monitor such vehicles and take action in case of non-attachment of embossed number plates.

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Ghimire, Director General of the Department of Transportation Management, says that according to the Vehicle and Transportation Management Act 2049 BS, a vehicle owner who does not affix the embossed number plate will be imprisoned for one year. He said that the vehicles related to the imprisonment would be confiscated and a fine of Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 would be imposed.

According to the law, if the vehicles purchased from 1 December 2078 are found without embossed number plate, all will be confiscated. Information in the Gazette is like law. The law requires embossed number plates to be mandatory, ‘he says. We have issued information to take people seriously. ‘

There is a provision to add embossed number when transferring vehicle name from 1 February 2078 and renewing vehicle registration certificate (blue book) from 1 June 2079.

According to the department, the then government had issued a notice in the Gazette on October 7, 2008 to make embossed number plates mandatory in Bagmati, Gandaki, Lumbini and Karnali and in the far western states. The notice states that the embossed number plate will be mandatory in the newly registered vehicles from 1 December 2078. He informed that embossed number plate has been made mandatory in government vehicles even before that.

He said that the government has decided to implement the law strictly as the embossed number plate is considered as optional. “Embossed number plates are not optional,” said Ghimire.Embosed number ktm11 Mismatch

According to government officials, there are now 3.7 million vehicles in Nepal. But the government has contracted to get embossed number plates for only 2.5 million vehicles.

Bring embossed number plate for the rest of the vehicle or not? If so, when? Who will bring No plan has been made for that.

According to Ghimire, Director General of the Department of Transport Management, there were 2.1 million vehicles in Nepal when the contract for embossed number plate was awarded in 2016. The contract was awarded for 2.5 million embossed number plates, estimated to add 400,000 vehicles in five years.

As per the contract agreement, embossed number plates should have been affixed on 2.5 million vehicles by mid-July 2078 BS.

However, Ghimire added that the contractor was not allowed to work till 2076 BS. ‘ He said that the contract could not be canceled as there was an issue in the agreement that 100 percent amount had to be paid as there was no work.

“Even if we don’t produce the plate without connecting the plate, the contractor has to pay 95 percent of the contract amount,” he said.

So far, not all government vehicles have been embossed with number plates. The department said that the decision of the government was violated.

“Even the plate is ready for President Zhou’s ride. A special plate has been designed for the President, ‘said Ghimire.

Mentioning that about 250,000 embossed number plates have been produced so far, he informed that only 25,000 vehicles have embossed number plates.

Ghimire has stated that the rate of plate production and connection rate has to be tightened when only 25,000 vehicles are connected to the plate when the production is 250,000.

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