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July 9, Kathmandu. In the House of Representatives meeting on Thursday, the lawmakers raised the issue of non-receipt of the bill and the proposal to consider the two bills could not be taken forward.

The agenda of the meeting was to consider the amendments made by the National Assembly on the Policy Research Foundation Bill, 2076 BS and the Public Service Commission Bill, 2075 BS.

The issues were removed from the agenda after lawmakers objected that they had not received the bills. After that, Minister for Forests and Environment Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav presented an agreement in the House to approve the membership as a participatory member of the Global Green Growth Institute.

The institute was established in 2012 after a climate conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The institute is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It currently has 43 member countries. Minister Yadav informed that no financial burden and contribution should be made while taking members as per its constitution.

For economic development, work can be done through that organization in terms of conserving biodiversity, creating balance between environment and development. Minister Yadav expressed confidence that the assistance could be taken to maintain the balance between development and environment by providing concrete form for sustainable development.

Minister Yadav said that the agreement needs to be ratified as it would help Nepal to implement its commitments in the international arena on climate change, increase investment and exchange successful practices globally.

He said that Nepal would not be burdened with membership and there would be no reservation system. The meeting of the Council of Ministers on September 20, 2077 BS had given approval to the Ministry of Forest and Environment for the approval of the agreement.

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