AGT: Who Is Viviana Rossi? Talented Spanish Girl Dazed Judges Showing Her Aerial Act

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The fact that Rossi is so young has attracted people’s interest. She is America’s Got Talent’s newest star, at the age of 26, and her aerial act has been heating up the AGT platform and viewers this week.

The Spanish beauty Viviana Rossi was a welcome addition to this week’s audition rounds.

Everyone was taken aback when she walked in, and she advanced to the next round.

Rossi has performed on a wide scale before, including at Italy’s ‘Tu Si Que Vales’ in 2019, which she considers one of her most memorable experiences.

Viviana Rossi

Viviana Rossi

Viviana Rossi: Who Is She?

Viviana Rossi, who is 26 years old, is a young woman who flaunts her beautiful aerial stunts.

She was born on February 16, 1996, in Barcelona, Spain.

Rossi is an amazing woman who inspires other women to be as fearless as she is and to overcome any obstacle in their way to their dreams.

Her grace on stage as a sensuous woman has garnered a lot of attention, and her aerial talent is the cherry on top.

Viviana Rossi’s Nationality: Where Does She Come From?

Viviana Rossi comes from a family of circus performers in Italy.

Her family has been a member of the circus for centuries, according to Viaggi News.

Her father, Enni Rossi, is a circus trainer, and her grandfather was a magician. Gloria Jiminez, her mother, joined their line of artists after her marriage to Enni.

As a result, the AGT star contestant had always been a part of something out of the ordinary, particularly when it came to aerial routines with specialized rims and belts.

She is currently employed by Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian entertainment company, where she earns a living. Her AGT achievements in Spain have pleased the Italian-Spanish Rossi family.

Biography of Viviana Rossi

On the AGT stage, Viviana Rossi revealed herself as a professional aerial artist from Spain.

She stunned the judges and the audience, who greeted her with applause right away. Rossi’s success is that she has performed in a variety of countries.

Likewise, the Spanish aerialist has long desired to perform on an American stage and couldn’t think of a better place to do so than AGT.

Rossi also said that her performance on AGT is her first since an onstage injury a few years ago.

Rossi’s performance included “amazing” aerial maneuvers using water and a bathtub, according to Judge Simon Cowell. Rossi, who is both handsome and talented, received four yeses from the audience, as expected.

Talent Recap described her performance as “unique aerialist.”

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