Alec Bohm Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Alec Bohm

Alec Bohm’s video has gone viral: After making a strange remark during his bout, an athlete received backlash.

However, after seeing the enraged, he immediately apologized for his actions.

Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about Alec Bohm, who recently made news not for his performance but for a joke he made during the game. Alec Bohm, the third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, apologized to the team’s supporters after a television broadcast caught him making derogatory remarks during the team’s 5-4 victory over the New York Mets on Monday night (box score). During the first three innings of the game, he made three errors, all of which were throwing errors.

Video by Alec Bohm

After he made a victorious throw to first base for an out, his admirers sarcastically cheered him. “I f***ing hate this place,” Bohm was seen but not heard saying to a teammate on the telecast. After that, Bohm admitted and detailed those realms. “Emotions got the best of me,” he told reporters, including Alex Coffey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. That’s what I said. Do I really mean it? No. It’s been a frustrating evening for me.

Clearly, I made a few errors in the field. These fans, on the other hand, are only interested in winning. When we get back, you’ll hear it. They’re fantastic. I apologize to them. That is not my intention.” Bohn, to his credit, did contribute to the comeback: he led off the bottom of the eighth with a walk. In that inning, the Phillies scored five runs to overturn a 4-0 deficit. He reached base three times in total, including two walks and a double, and scored one run. To start the ninth inning, manager Joe Girardi lifts Bohm for defensive purposes, replacing him with Johan Camargo.

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To date, the athlete’s career has been up and down. In the year 2020, he finished second in Rookie of the Year Award voting after hitting for a 137 OPS+ in about 44 games. Last season, he struggled at the plate, recording an OPS+ of just 75. a score significantly below expectations and well below the acceptable threshold for a defensive player who is well below average.

Over the winter, the Phillies added Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, thereby putting an end to any hopes Bohm had of switching positions. Not only that, but Philadelphia also elected to sign top infield prospect Bryson Stott, who has eaten into the starting lineup and will most certainly continue to do so. The Phillies selected Bohm, a 25-year-old outfielder from Wichita State University, with the 3rd choice in the 2018 draft.