Alex Wilcox Cancer Death Cause , Why Are Softball Teams Wearing Teal Green?



Alex Wilcox, a softball player who died at the age of 18 from ovarian cancer, was just 18 when she died, according to her obituary. Learn more about the teal clothing that has been designated in her honour.

Alex Wilcox was a softball player for the Mississippi State Softball team, and she was a rising star in the making despite being just in her early twenties.

She lost her life to ovarian cancer after a long and heroic battle with the disease that took her life at the age of 42.

During Alex’s difficult cancer struggle in 2018, the Mississippi team rallied around her and advocated for her success with the phrase “No One Fights Alone.”

To show support for and raise awareness about this deadly disease, many teal bands, badges, and clothing were seen in midweek and big games to commemorate Wilcox’s valiant battle against it.

Almost three years later, the campaign is still going strong, and a week has been set aside to recognise and celebrate Alex’s battle with ovarian cancer.

In recognition of their altruistic efforts, the 13 SEC Softball programmes that developed and managed this campaign have been recognised by the league as having demonstrated the best sportsmanship.

Obituary: Alex Wilcox, a softball player who died from cancer, has been identified

Alex Wilcox, a softball player for the Mississippi squad, passed away as a result of ovarian cancer, which is extremely fatal.

She had made the transition from the Birghinham Thunderbolts, and with the Mississippi State Softball team, she was quickly emerging as a new star of the game and of sports in general.

She had previously been indicted as the top ace pitcher in the Class of 2017 and the #5 player in the Top 100 softball players from that class.

In her brief playing career, she had amassed a slew of titles, trophies, and big-game victories.

She competed in the PGF Nationals in both her U14 and U16 divisions, and she was a standout performance in both.

What is the significance of softball teams wearing teal green?

This year’s softball teams are wearing teal green to memorialise Alex Wilcox, who died in 2018 after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer.

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It has been announced that the former 13 SEC Softball programmes will participate in the ‘All for Alex’ campaign, which will take place the first weekend of April.

In addition to paying tribute to Alex Wilcox, they will be wearing the teal dress to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and its consequences.

Alex Wilcox’s Family

There hasn’t been much information released regarding Alex Wilcox’s family.

Alex Wilcox was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the first time in 2015, and she battled the disease for three years with the determination of a warrior.

Before joining the Bulldogs squad and then joining the Mississippi team, she was a standout for Brantley High School, winning many state championships during that time.

Alex used to appear as a regular starter for her team when she was undergoing chemotherapy, and her competitive attitude helped her to become a household figure in the softball world.