Ambir Babu Gurung digs into the questioning MP

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Minister for Physical Infrastructure of Province 1, Ambir Babu Gurung, has personally lashed out at the lawmakers who questioned him in the Provincial Assembly. 

While answering a question raised in the budget allocation of the ministry on Sunday, he personally insulted Mohan Khadka, an MP from the Maoist center elected from his own district Okhaldhunga.

Minister Gurung told Khadka, “I understand that you have no vision at all.”

“With the approval of the people, the honorable person in the government machinery, elected from the same district, from me (a) to him (b),” he said during the criticism.

After personal criticism, Speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari ruled Gurung out. But during his address, Minister Gurung warned his own district MP Mohan Kumar Khadka to improve.

“What is your own reality, the problem, you don’t have to co-operate and,” he said.

Stating that the problem of Khadka’s area is also his own problem, Minister Gurung said, “I also have the responsibility to solve your problem.”

During the discussion on Sunday, Khadka remarked that the budget of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure was faction-centric and broker-centric. Stating that the budget allocation and the red book figures do not match, he complained that the budget was cut in the constituencies of the opposition and non-faction MPs.

He said that Rs. 370 million had been allocated in the allocation of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and should be removed as it would be misused. While replying, Minister Gurung accused Khadka of trying to develop Okhaldhunga.

Leader of the Janata Samajwadi Party Jayaram Yadav had followed the rules after the minister who went to Rostrum to respond was personally abused. The minister ended his remarks only after Speaker Bhandari ruled four times after Yadav’s rule.

In the first meeting held on Sunday, Maoist Center MPs Mohan Khadka, Narayan Magar, Nepali Congress MPs Pratap Prakash Hangam, Leela Sumba and Jaspa MP Jayaram Yadav said that the budget was focused on the ruling party’s MPs.

CPN (UML) MP Bimal Karki said that the budget was not given continuity in the development plan.