An American swimmer fainted in a pool during the World Cup final

July 9, Kathmandu. American swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted in a pool while competing in the World Championships. Her life has been saved after she was rescued on time by a lucky trainer.

Alvarez, a 25-year-old American synchronized swimmer, fainted during a competition in the final of the singles solo free event in Budapest, Hungary on Wednesday.

Immediately, his coach Andrea Fuentes was seen entering the pool and pulling his player out from the bottom. For this, he was accompanied by a man present near the pond. Until then, the lifeguards were watching.

Alvarez regained consciousness as soon as he was pulled out of the pool. He was immediately given first aid. He is said to be in good health.

Surprisingly, this is the second time Alvarez has fainted in a pool while competing in a competition. Earlier, she had fainted in the Olympic selection competition held in Barcelona in 2021. Remarkably, Fuentes was the same instructor who rescued her by entering the pool at that time.

“It simply came to our notice then. Lifeguards were watching, so I had to go, ‘said Fuentes.’ She was not breathing, so I was scared. However, she is now completely healthy.

At the time of the incident, there was an atmosphere of panic in the American team outside the pool. They were seen comforting each other and some were crying.

“Anita is OK now. The doctor has done all the necessary tests and all of them have received normal report. Her heart rate, oxygen, sugar level, blood pressure are all fine. Such incidents happen from time to time in such ‘high-endurance’ games. In games like marathon, cycling, cross country, we have seen some players fail to cross the finish line. Our game is no different from those games. If we sometimes try harder than we can, this can be the result. Anita is feeling better now. The doctor also said that she was completely cured. Tomorrow will be his whole day. The doctor will then decide if she can compete in the finals. ‘

This is not the first time Anita has fainted inside a pond. Anita, 25, had a similar experience in last year’s Olympic qualifiers in Barcelona.

“Unfortunately, I have never seen him like this before. I had never seen such a thing happen to anyone but him, ‘said Anita’s mother Karen at the time. Anita finished seventh in the competition. The competition was won by Yukiko Inui of Japan.

Most synchronized swimmers have to hold their breath in the water for more than a minute at a time. Olympic medalist Fran Crippen died during an open water swimming competition in the UAE in 2010. Long-distance champion Kripen, 26, competed in the 10,000 meters.

He was found missing only after a rival player completed the required distance. The search for him began immediately. Two hours after the competition, a group of divers found him now at the bottom of a 457-meter-deep sea.

He was pronounced dead at the scene due to a heart condition.

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