ANFA President Nemwang says, “I will include the losers, I will mend the broken relations.”

July 7, Kathmandu. Newly elected president of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) Pankaj Vikram Nemwang has said that he will move forward including the defeated Sherpa faction.

After winning the presidency from the general assembly on Monday, Nemwang said, “They have not been defeated. Has become the runner-up. We always look forward to their suggestions for the development of Nepali football. We will move forward with the right suggestions. ‘

He said that the dispute between the players and the coaches would be decided from the first meeting and all the bad relations with ANFA would be rectified. He also said that a white paper would be issued on the alleged irregularities in ANFA.

When Nemwang was elected as the chairperson with 45 votes, the outgoing chairperson Karma Chhiring Sherpa got 39 votes. Out of 19 central members in ANFA, 12 are from the panel of newly elected chairman Nemwang and 7 from Sherpa’s panel. Four people have got equal votes. Three of the four are from the Karma panel. According to ANFA, the decision of the two central members will be taken only from the next general meeting.

Nemwang’s response after winning the presidency was as follows:

Immediate plan

The relationship between ANFA and district, ANFA and club and ANFA and players is not good. Relations with FIFA and the AFC should be taken forward. All the broken relationships should be brought forward by making a garland, by uniting, by making the relationship smooth.

Dispute between player and coach

We decide from the first meeting of the player and coach dispute. The investigation committee has a report. We will discuss it extensively. We solve that problem by discussing with everyone.

About financial irregularities

We issue a white paper. During the four years of our tenure, we will form a committee to bring to the notice of the Nepali people the weaknesses of the economy and the administration.

The challenge

Challenges We have not been able to present the audit report in this general meeting of this working committee. We now have many responsibilities. We are gradually fulfilling those obligations.

Now the main thing is related to FIFA and AFC. The current situation is similar to FIFA’s initial financial sanctions. We will try to resolve this by negotiating with FIFA. The relationship with the AFC needs to be taken forward.

Dispute in ANFA

There was no dispute. We were giving him the right suggestions. When the leadership did not take it, we wrote a note of dissent. We were raising our voices. We have only given correct suggestions to the organization. It is said that the controversy arose in an exaggerated manner. We have never had a dispute. We have given the correct suggestions for the organization.

Aim on the field

We have already said that we will win a SAFF championship during our tenure. We do grassroots, youth, women’s programs. We do well in the league. Let’s start the national league.


NSL you know. Some clubs have their own reservations, their own demands. The agreement between ANFA and NSL is drawing the attention of the club. We are also getting attention. We will resolve those issues by discussing them with all parties.

Women’s football academy

We have not been able to run a women’s football academy in Rautahat. We will immediately make a decision by the new working committee and move forward to run it.

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