ANFA says that the appointment of Navin Pandey is not against the constitution

Naveen Pandey nominated as ANFA foreign affairs chief - Online Khabar

July 10, Kathmandu. The first meeting of the newly elected working committee of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has criticized the appointment of Navin Pandey as the head of the foreign department.

Citing the ANFA constitution, it is feared that giving the responsibility of the head of the foreign department of football to a foreign national could lead to conflict of interest. In the ANFA constitution, the first number of the provision of not being elected or nominated in ANFA, state football association and district football association is ‘non-Nepali citizen’.

On the basis of that, there was protest against the appointment of German citizen Pandey. However, Kiran Rai, who was appointed general secretary from the same meeting, claimed that they did not do anything against the constitution as it was a volunteer responsibility. He said it would be pointless to raise the issue too much.

“It simply came to our notice then. According to ANFA’s constitution, non-Nepalese citizens cannot be elected or nominated to the working committees of ANFA’s central, provincial and district football associations, ‘Rai told Online Khabar. His appointment is like appointing foreign trainers and experts. ‘

So why was Pandey not appointed through open competition with public information, just like appointing experts and foreign trainers? The question arises.

Rai, who is also the spokesperson of the previous working committee, says, “Financial transactions are the main issue when appointing foreign trainers and experts. So the process was different. We have decided to take Pandey’s help to the State Department as a volunteer according to our needs.

This is the second time Pandey’s appointment has been dragged into controversy. Earlier, Karma Chhiring Sherpa had appointed him as his chief adviser in the previous working committee as soon as he was elected.

Sherpa resigned from both posts within eight months of his appointment after dissatisfaction erupted over his failure to implement his advice. Pandey, who has become the head of the State Department, had played the role of Pankaj Bikram Nemwang’s chief election strategist.

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