Angelu Sherpa restricted to fly until the investigation

Angelu Sherpa

Angelu Sherpa, who made a safe landing of Buddha Air after the landing gear was not opened, will not be allowed to take off immediately. 

Buddha Air’s aircraft, which flew from Kathmandu to Biratnagar at 8.30 am on Monday, landed in Kathmandu after the landing gear failed to open.

The Civil Aviation Authority has stated that Captain Sherpa will not be allowed to fly the plane immediately as the case is being investigated. According to sources, he is also under investigation.

If there is any problem with the plane, the pilot will also be investigated and the pilot who is under investigation will not be allowed to fly the plane. 

He will not be allowed to use the pilot’s license during the investigation. His pilot’s license has now been suspended.

The plane carrying 73 passengers had to fly in the sky for two hours. However, when the landing gear was finally opened, a big accident took place when it landed normally in Kathmandu. After that, Captain Sherpa was praised from all sides.