Antarctic Blue Whale 33 times bigger than an elephant

Antarctic Blue Whale

By now you may have read, seen, or heard about the unique animals of the world. But do you know about the largest animal in the world? 

Many people think that an elephant is a big animal. But no, even an elephant proves to be small in front of the world’s largest creatures.

The largest animal in the world is the Antarctic Blue Whale. It weighs the equivalent of 33 elephants. 

Only the weight of its tongue is equal to that of an elephant. And its voice is considered to be the loudest in the world.

The Antarctic blue whale is a mammal. Its average weight is only 135,000 kilograms to 1.5 million kilograms. Its length is 98 feet, which is equal to about 10 stories. 

Not only that, its heart is just like a small car. The depth of its brain is only 5.8 meters.

Blue whales eat more than 3,500 small fish daily. The blue whale’s voice is considered to be the loudest. Which is more than a jet engine. 

Even its slightest sound can be heard hundreds of kilometers away. But now the number of these creatures is very low.