Anthony Futia Of Albany NY Identified As Victim Of Lake Georgia Accident

anthony futia of albany ny identified as victim of lake georgia accident

Anthony J. Futia is from Albany, New York, and he was driving the motorcycle that hit six people walking along Route 9 and killed two of them. Learn more about the accident and the people who were hurt.

Anthony Futia was riding his bike along Route 9, which runs next to the Lake Georgia Expedition Park. He was riding his bike north, but a train that was going too fast just lost control and went off the main path. It quickly changed the path along the main road’s east shoulder. The east shoulder led to a paved bike path that was used by a lot of people that day.

Futia’s bike hit the person walking by, which killed two people at the scene and sent one of the other six walkers to a nearby hospital in critical condition. She got care for her injuries, and her condition is now stable.

Anthony Futia

Anthony Futia

Who Is Anthony Futia From Albany NY?

Anthony J. Futia was riding the motorcycle that crashed on Route 9 near Lake Georgia Expedition Park, killing two people and seriously hurting another. Initial reports say that Anthony was going too fast in his car, and when he lost control of his bike, he veered off the main road and into a group of six people who were just entering a paved bike path on the east shoulder of the main highway, where Anthony’s bike veered off.

Early reports and an investigation lead file say that the motorcycle was going north on National Highway 9 at a high rate of speed. It was on the east side of the road, heading toward the paved bike lane, when it hit a group of six people who were standing at the entrance to the bike lane. There were three adults and three kids in the group. The three kids were not hurt, but two of the adults died at the scene of the crash.

Details On Lake Georgia Accident And Casualties Update

The investigation lead report has now been made public by the State Police through their official Newsroom and press release. James A. Parsons, age 38, at the crash site on Lake George, and Quinton P. Delgotet, age 8, also on Lake George, were the two adults who died there.

Jasmine Lueren, 30, was walking along Lake George when she was hit by a car. She was taken to the Albany Medical Center and treated for her visible injuries. She is no longer getting worse or better. The three kids who were walking with the group were not hurt or hurt in any way. Anthony J. Futia, 33, was driving the motorcycle that crashed. He was taken to the emergency room of the hospital because he had major and serious injuries. The crash is being looked into right now.

State Police Investigates And Reports On The Lake Georgia Crash

State Police and the NYPD are looking into what happened, who was driving, and how many people were hurt in the fatal accident.

Some unproven early reports and claims say that the driver Anthony Futia went to the local Adirondack Park Festival, which was attended by many people in cars and motorbikes. Lake George is a city in northern New York. It is in the Adirondack Mountains. Americade, which is currently a week-long festival in Adirondack Park, has always had a strong festival feel. From June 7 to June 11, there was a party with a lot going on, like motorcycle stunts, daredevil acts, trips, and more.

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