Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Leaked Video Viral on Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized

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WATCH: Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Leaked Video Viral on Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized: Apostle Johnson Suleman has been pulled into the limelight zone of the media by a music artist named Stephanie Otobo. Suleman is feeling the heat of the limelight since he has been accused of a deadly plot by Stephanie Otobo. Stephanie exposed him in the media by sharing some pictures and she also vowed to share a video of his misdeeds. This news surfaced on the internet just a while ago and we have covered all the important aspects of this story in this short span of time. You are suggested to read down every section of this column to explore the matter and be educated on this matter. Be sticky with this page for a while to have a look at the given below divisions of this column. Swipe down the page for more information. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Apostle Suleman Video

Apostle Suleman Video

Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Leaked Video

Stephanie Otobo bought back Suleman in news once again. It has been a couple of years since she opened up about her physical relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman. However, Johnson is Senior Pastor and General Overseer of OFM (Omega Fire Ministries International). But the story started breathing fire on social media when Stephanie Otobo took over Twitter to accuse the senior pastor. Kindly look at the following section to read what she said about him in the recent Twitter post.

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Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

On Monday a tweet came from Stephanie Otobo’s side in which she accused General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International of attempting to kill her. However, the music artist also published some screenshots of video calls and intimate pictures. Moreover, Stephanie also dared him to deny that he is not in the picture and there is no connection between him and those pictures. She quoted, “Can you deny this? Can you deny your fingernail and the scar on your left thigh?” If we sum it us she totally bashed him with the strings of proofs and pictures. Kindly read down the next section to get more.

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Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Leaked Video Explained

She also tweeted, “if these pictures were fake, how did I gain the pictures of thigh scar that are not public, and why did I release this kind of images of him?” She further added, “Suleman has done everything to ruin my life but God is there who is watching everything. I will also release a video that will reveal everything that happened.” Stay tuned to this website for further developments.

Recently, news became trending on the internet where Apostle Suleman has shared some of her pictures on social media with Stephanie Otobo. She claims that she has done everything with him. She has sex with him and sleep with him for several nights and now his intention was going bigger.

She revealed that sometimes when she was not in the mood, he tries to force her to do sex in his bed. But she needs some rest. And can’t do it anymore. He was always ready at night to do nasty things with her. But now he is going to the next level. And she can’t handle him anymore. Now she tries to stay away from him. And maintain a distance from him.

Her last tweet says, This man has done everything to end my life but God is not dead, he will come in any situation. This video is the complete story of how everything happened and how it’s going lately. I’ll release a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the answers to questions.

It looks like she going to file a complaint against him. But she didn’t announce it yet. His bad behavior will always torture her and bears him every pain. But now it’s over. Enough is Enough. She doesn’t want to spend even a moment with him. As she wants to make her career, and move forward in her life to make her parents feel proud. She posts everything on Twitter whatever is happening between him and her.

She secretly hides her phone where she finds a perfect moment to make a video. She shared it with her fans and also has some recordings on her phone to show to the police. If you find any of them then don’t spread it. As it hurts her reputation and shows a decline in her image. So don’t watch it or don’t spread it on other platforms.

Sulema also claims that sometimes he tries to kill her, and poisoned her to remove her from his life. But luckily she was saved from his attacks. Every time, she was survived and saved from him. You can also say that God is with her and trying to save her from every attack to raise her voice and take strict action against him.

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