Architect Androsky Lugo Discusses Project Preparation: Fundamentals And Caveats

architect androsky lugo discusses project preparation fundamentals and caveats

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Architect Androsky Lugo Discusses Project Preparation: Fundamentals and Caveats #Architect #Androsky #Lugo #Discusses #Project #Preparation #Fundamentals #Caveats Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Androsky Lugo on Planning: How He Approaches Projects to Ensure Success.

As the founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF), Androsky Lugo is tasked with handling everything from routine design processes to unexpected catastrophes in the office. To truly deliver cutting-edge work for his clients, including professionals in the commercial and private sector, he has to head off as many problems in the planning stages as possible. He opens up about his approach and why it’s been so important to his success on the job.

Organization at Its Finest

Project planning on this scale requires superior organization skills, not just when it comes to the finer points of each requirement but also the people involved along the way. Androsky Lugo considers the following:

  • Function: This is the primary factor for Lugo. Even the most impressive designs will fall flat if the building has an incorrect layout. Without enough consideration paid to the people who use it day-in and day-out, it can be relatively easy to render a building useless.
  • Expectations: Not every client will want a building that stands out from the crowd, nor will they appreciate artistic flourishes that they didn’t ask for. Lugo finds out what his clients expect and discusses how their ideas will affect the larger project.
  • Ramifications: Whether positive or negative, decisions during planning will have long-term consequences that both clients and architects need to be aware of as they work together to bring the design to life.
  • Zoning: It might seem odd, but even the most seasoned architects and construction foremen can be stalled by obscure zoning regulations. This is not only because there are so many of them in some neighborhoods (particularly Southern California where FFAF is located), but also because they change from year to year.
  • Budget: Budgets might be considered little more than fake numbers to some, but for architects and clients, they need to be far more concrete than that. Androsky Lugo is known for doing everything he can to keep the finances within the given parameters.

Leaning on the Team

Androsky Lugo might be the founding partner of the firm, but he works with a team of executives to find architects who can meet their high standards and work towards a common goal. He’s learned along the way that having the right people around you is not just an effective way to stave off bigger disasters, it’s often the only way.