Argentina vs Brazil: World Cup Qualifiers match 2021 live

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Argentina vs Brazil: The World Cup Qualifiers match between Argentina vs Brazil taking place on Wednesday, November 17 at 5:15 am Nepali time.

Argentina commander Lionel Messi is fit again and will begin their World Cup qualifier at home to Brazil on Tuesday yet Neymar will pass up a major opportunity for the guests in the wake of feeling torment in his thigh, the groups declared.

Messi, 34, had recuperated completely from the knee and hamstring stresses that kept him out of Paris St Germain’s last two games and was prepared for one of the greatest matches in the South American schedule. Brazil will be without Neymar after their top scorer detailed inclination torments in the adductor area of his left thigh.

Argentina is second in South America’s 10-team qualifying group, 6 points behind Brazil. Brazil is the only team to date to secure its position in Qatar 2022. The top four South American teams will automatically advance to next year’s World Cup final, with the fifth seed entering a regional knockout break.

In July, Argentina is undefeated in 26 games in a series that defeated Brazil 1-0 in the Copa America final in Rio de Janeiro.

Argentina is expected to win due to the interruption of the match against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers.

The match was interrupted just minutes after Argentina played Brazil and Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers in September. According to a TNT Sports report, FIFA will almost certainly give Argentina all three points in December.