Arjundhara Dham will not be open even in Shrawan

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The famous Arjundhara Jaleshwor Dham in Jhapa will not be reopened this time of the year

Citing the fact that the epidemic of Covid-19 has not abated and the ban imposed by the government is continuing.

There is a tradition of offering water to the Shivalaya on the Monday of July to fulfill the desires of Hindu women. The temple management committee has stated that the temple will not be open in Jhapa due to the ban.

There is a religious belief that worshiping Shivaji in the month of July with yellow and green colored Bengals and mehndi fulfills one’s desires. 

Arjundhara Jaleshwar Dham, formerly known as Pashupatinath, used to be crowded with devotees offering water on the Monday of Shrawan in the year of Wig.

The sanctuary was not opened last year due to the strong wave of Covid-19. When the main door was not opened, the devotees worshiped Shiva by offering flowers and offerings from outside the temple. 

Manoj Joshi, treasurer of the committee, informed that the temple will not be opened this time except during the morning worship.

Thousands of devotees from various parts of eastern Nepal, including Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Sikkim, came to Arjundhara to offer water and worship Shiva on Monday. 

Security personnel was also provided for the security and management of the devotees coming here.

The government has postponed all programs including monasteries and assembly ceremonies as the infection of Kovid-19 has increased. 

The District Administration Office, Jhapa has been issuing repeated injunctions since Baisakh 21.

According to Joshi, the main temple of Arjundhara is open only for daily worship from 5 am to 7:30 am during the ban period.

“We follow government rules,” he said. “There are no immediate plans to open the temple.” Devotees from far away do not come during such epidemics. 

Those who come from nearby can worship at the Shivalinga outside the temple by adopting security measures. ”