Arrested In Charges of attempted murder

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Man Chop & Slashed Woman Singapore: Arrested In Charges of attempted murder: Crimes have become a major threat these days. Every day you have seen that somebody robbed the bank, or somebody has stolen my purse, or somebody has killed in the broad daylight. There is not a single day that happened in people’s lives where crimes did not happen. Recently, a case has been seen out that a 46-year-old man was arrested for attempted murder on Thursday of a woman. He allegedly attacked a woman in the Beach Road area leaving her bleeding profusely from slash wounds. In this article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened to the woman and why the man killed her. Follow More Update On

Man Chop & Slashed Woman Singapore

Man Chop & Slashed Woman Singapore

Man Chop Woman Singapore

On April 14, a man attacked a woman with a chopper. Nobody knew the reason for killing the woman. He didn’t stop until she dies. He attacked with the chopper many times. Passers-by were trying to calm down the man but because he has a chopper, nobody will come closer to him. In fact, many threw the dustbins, papers bags, and board signs at him to stop him.

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Man Slashed Woman Singapore

But Because he has a sharp-bladed weapon in his hand, nobody reaches for him. After some time, when cops reached the incident place, they catch the man and put him in the prison. Cops say the victim is a 41-year-old woman who is believed to be his wife. They also added that officers located the armed man in the area and deployed a Taser to subdue him before making an arrest.


Man Chop & Slashed Woman Singapore

Man Chop & Slashed Woman Singapore

Man Arrested In Charges of attempted murder

During the incident, his hand was filled with full of blood. Nobody understand why he was hitting his wife. Maybe because of the frustration or anger that he was holding for a long period of time. Who knows what the reason is. The exact reason is yet to come once cops conduct a deep investigation and interrogation with him.

Now both the man and woman were conscious and taken to the hospital. Cops have shut down the road for some time and investigations were ongoing. During this incident, no one got injured except the woman. This incident has told many people that no one was safe either walking on the road or driving in a car. Accidents and murders happened at any time. All we can say is that the guilty should be punished and given life imprisonment.

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