At the age of 60, the ward chairperson’s wife enrolled in class 1

9 Asar, mountain. A woman here has become a moving example that age does not limit reading. Bishnu Gurung, a resident of Modi Gaonpalika-8 of the district, has started going to school at the age of 60.

Gurung, who is studying in class 1 of the local Janasiddha Secondary School, started going to school to fulfill her desire to study even in her old age after suffering from various problems due to illiteracy.

“I was not able to read at that time due to various reasons. Now, even though it is late, reading is becoming fun,” he said. Her husband Suk Bahadur Gurung is the ward chairman of Modi-8.

They had not been consulted about his wife’s enrollment in the school. He said that he was surprised to hear that he had returned home from the office. Suk Bahadur said that others are also inspired to show that age does nothing to get education.

‘I was not advised to go to school. When I returned from the ward, I was told that I was enrolled in class 1 ‘, he said,’ I was surprised, it seems to send a good message to other illiterate adults. ‘ Vishnu has the experience that his grandchildren enjoy learning by playing with them while sitting at the study level.

‘How many visitors come to the village, my mother used to consider it a shame to read this, to see it. Now the belief that I know how to read has increased ‘, he said. He used to feed, accommodate and entertain the many guests who came to the picture of Vishnu district being a model hamste.

The school principal Eknarayan Timilsina said that the atmosphere in the school has become pleasant since Vishnu was admitted and other younger students have also been motivated to learn.

He said that the older generation still showing interest in studies would develop reading culture in the society and that would make every student studious.

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