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July 7, Kathmandu. Cholera has been confirmed in sisters of Bagbazar in Kathmandu from tap and tube well water.

The director of the epidemiology and disease control division under the health department, Dr. According to Chumman Lal Das, they tested the drinking water sample and found bacteria called E. coli and coliform. E. coli and coliforms are contagious bacteria that live in human feces.

‘We tested water samples from taps and tube wells. The report also found the deadly bacteria coloform and E. coli. Das told online news. He informed that water samples are also being tested in other areas where cholera has been observed.

According to the department, cholera has been confirmed in five people so far. A new case of cholera has been confirmed in Dilli Bazaar on Wednesday. “People in Bagbazar and other places where cholera has been reported have been alerted. We are told to eat only boiled water, ‘said Dr. Das said, ‘Cases are not just in one place. Seen in places. There may be an outbreak now. ‘

According to doctors, drinking water containing bacterial coliforms and E. coli found in defecation seems to have serious effect on human health. Bacteria found in feces can cause problems such as diarrhea, jaundice and kidney and liver problems.

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