Badka Atwari is being celebrated today

Badka Atwari

The Tharu community is celebrating the Raib, Badka Atwari festival.

This festival starts from the first Sunday of August every year and depending on the place, the Sunday throughout the month of August is celebrated as Raib Day or Raib Festival. 

On this day, curd, milk, chewing gum, sugar, jerry, fruits, etc. are eaten at home.

In the Tharu language, Sunday is called Rab.

According to Tharu culturalist Bhulai Chaudhary, the festival is celebrated on the orders of the village leaders as per the rites performed on Sundays.

It is believed that eating salt and oil on this day will break the festival and make the deity angry. 

In this festival, the Tharus bathe in a nearby lake, pond, or river in the morning and offer offerings to nature and deities as offerings. But this year, due to the Corona epidemic, the festival is being celebrated at home.

Similarly, according to religious beliefs, this festival is celebrated by wishing good health to the children as well as wishing for timely rains to increase agricultural production and prevent diseases in crops and drains.

Similarly, the Tharus of the West celebrates this festival as “Badka Atwari”. 

Every Sunday in the month of August, different villages celebrate Raib or Atwari on their favorite Sunday.