Bairagi Kainla’s health improved, He was shifted to the ward

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Former Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan Tilvikram Nemwang (Bairagi Kainla) has improved his health.

He is undergoing treatment at Om Hospital in Chabahil, Kathmandu after suffering a stroke a year ago.

According to his daughter Namoti Nemwang, Bairagi Kainla has been shifted to the ward from the intensive care unit. Also, the body and hands have started moving and the speech has also become clear.

Earlier, the right side of his body could not move at first and his speech was not able to open properly.

Senior Consultant Physician of Om Hospital Dr. Kainla’s treatment. Dr. Vishwanath Koirala, Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Pramesh Sundar Shrestha, Neurologist A team including doctors including Krishna Dhungana is involved.