Baitadi Establishes Oxygen and Concentrator Bank

Baitadi Oxygen and Concentrator Bank
Photo: Khabarhub.com

Oxygen and Concentrator Bank has been established in Baitadi the district bordering India.

A bank has been set up at the health office with oxygen cylinders and concentrator machines collected with the help of the far-western state government and donors.

Chief of the Health Office, Yogesh Prasad Bhatta, informed that the bank was set up on Wednesday to prepare for the management of Corona Virus Covid-19.

The bank has been established by accumulating necessary materials for the management of Covid-19. “We have set up the bank in view of the possible third wave of coronavirus,” he said.

The bank has 33 oxygen cylinders and 62 concentrator machines. 

It is said that if there is any help from anywhere else, it will be kept in the bank. 

Before the second wave of Corona arrived, there was a problem in the treatment of Covid’s patients due to a lack of preparation.

Chief of the district hospital, Dr. Vasant Raj Joshi, said that the treatment will be easier in the third wave after the oxygen and concentrator are stored in the district. 

He said, “The establishment of a bank in preparation for the third wave will facilitate the treatment even if the epidemic spreads.”