Baitadi: Oxygen plant being set up in Baitadi Hospital


Preparations have been made to set up an oxygen plant at the Baitadi District Hospital. 

Materials required for plant installation have already arrived.

According to Baitadi District Hospital Chief Dr. Basanta Raj Joshi, some of the materials for the first phase of the plant have already arrived and the rest will arrive soon. He said, “Once all the materials have arrived, we will complete the connection work.” He said it would take another two weeks for the entire material to arrive.

An agreement was reached between Health Care Suppliers Kathmandu and the district hospital to complete the construction of the plant last June. The plant installation has been delayed due to negligence of the supplier’s company.

In just four months, some material has arrived. A budget of Rs. 15 million has been received from the federal government and Rs. 8 million from the Far Western Provincial Government for the establishment of the plant. After receiving the amount, the hospital has invited the bidders and selected the suppliers. An agreement was reached between the two sides in June to complete the connection within the last fiscal year.

As the second wave of the Corona epidemic spread, there was a lack of oxygen in the district. After that, the state government and the federal government had allocated a budget for the establishment of the plant. As there is no plant in the district, oxygen has to be supplied by purchasing cylinders. Once the plant is established, oxygen can be produced as required. The establishment of the plant will help the 50-bed hospital. Joshi said.

‘The establishment of the plant will facilitate the operation of not only corona patients but also other operating and intensive care units,’ he said. So far, 18 people have died from corona in the district bordering India. Currently, there are 21 active infections.