Helicopters could not put out the fire in Balaju industrial area

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Balaju industrial area

 It has become difficult to control the fire in Balaju Industrial Area. 

Police said that the fire that started at 2 pm on Friday at the biscuit factory in the industrial area could not be brought under control.

According to the police, the fire was brought under control by pouring water from a helicopter in the morning but it was not brought under control. 

Police said that water was poured from the Simrik Air helicopter at the fire site, but it was not possible to control the fire inside the house. The helicopter has now returned.

Nineteen water tankers and nine fire engines were deployed to put out the fire. Helicopters were used in the morning when that was not possible. 

Police said that the helicopter also returned after the fire was not brought under control.

Details of the damage have not been released as the fire was not under control. 

The cause of the fire has not been disclosed, police said.

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