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July 10, Kathmandu. The beautiful cannon associated with the history of Nepal Army and Dailekh has been returned to Kotgadhi of Dailekh after 51 years.

After the famine of 2028 BS, when the Jwala Dal battalion at Dailekh headquarters was shifted to Surkhet, the Sundari and Arga cannons in the battalion were also taken to Surkhet. The beautiful cannon has been returned to Kotgadhi in Narayan Municipality-1 of Dailekh along with Bajagaja and Jhanki on Thursday.

But no larger Arga cannon has been found. Chief of Narayan Municipality Loman Sharma says that search is on for the Arga cannon.

The beautiful cannon is considered to be 232 years old. This historic cannon was brought back to Kalidatta Gulm Kandachaur in Dailekh from the western part of the Nepal Army in Surkhet on January 6. After Gulma handed over the cannon to Dailekh Municipality, 81 cannons and ammunition used in the cannon were kept in Kotgadhi on Thursday.

Kotgadhi Dailekh

Kotgadhi where the cannon was kept belongs to the time of Bahadur Shah. The 12-foot-tall Kotgadhi fort has a history of being used by Bahadur Shah to unify the western states.

Narayan Municipality has taken charge of the cannon and Kotgadhi. Chief of Narayan Municipality, Loman Sharma, said that the beauty of the district has increased after the return of the cannon, adding that it will also help in the promotion of tourism.

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