Bhai tika Sait 2078: Bhai Tika 2021 being celebrated today

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Bhai tika Sait 2078: Yamapanchak, the festival of brotherhood is being celebrated by the sisters with reverence in 2021.

Today, on the fifth day of the festival, also known as Yamapanchak, the brotherhood festival is celebrated by the sisters with reverence, faith, and loyalty, wishing them longevity, health, and prosperity.

Today, on the main day of Tihar, the second biggest festival of Nepal, which is celebrated every year on Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, the brothers are receiving vaccinations from their sisters. Today is also called Yamadvitiya.

After the sisters Put tika to the brothers, the brothers also put tika to their sisters. Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Gautam, a theologian and former chairman of the Nepal Panchang Judging Committee, said that there is a classical belief that worshiping sisters brings unbroken happiness and prosperity.

Although there is no obstacle to taking Bhai tika all day today, the time of Abhijit Muhurat at 11:02 am is the best time to take tika, said Prof. Shrikrishna Adhikari, Chairman of the Committee.

This year, the committee has stated that the brothers should return to the east and the west should return. If you do this, you will be right in the northern moon in Scorpio. Inauspicious deeds, there is a classical rule that the moon should be placed before or to the right.