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10, Asar, Chitwan. The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation of Chitwan has made public the budget of Rs 5.74 billion for the coming fiscal year.

The budget presented by Chitrasen Adhikari, deputy chief of the metropolis, is estimated to receive Rs 1.5 billion from internal revenue, Rs 1.92 billion from intergovernmental financial transfers and Rs 533.12 million from central and state revenue sharing.

Similarly, he has projected Rs 370 million from public participation, Rs 1.30 billion from bank balance, Rs 40 million from maintenance fund, Rs 30 million from Road Board Nepal and Rs 50 million from District Coordination Committee.

The corporation has allocated Rs. A budget of Rs. 725 million has been allocated to each ward at the rate of Rs. 25 million for the program to be implemented in 29 wards of the metropolis from the respective wards.

60 million for establishment of supplementary partnership fund with federal and state government resources for construction of large and strategically important infrastructure, Rs. And Rs. 155 million has been allocated for animal development.

Similarly, Rs. 130 million has been allocated for education infrastructure and efficiency enhancement, Rs. 80 million for regular maintenance, Rs. 70 million for various health programs and policy implementation, and Rs.

A budget of Rs. 70 million has been allocated for the management of the resource center, one ward, one park, dumping site management, garbage collection and transportation.

A budget of Rs. 30 million has been allocated for information technology and digital system, Rs. 25 million for cooperatives and employment promotion, Rs. 25 million for tourism and industry, and Rs. 20 million for various sports and youth related programs.

A budget of Rs. 20 million has been allocated for the daughter insurance program for daughters born in government health institutions by women permanently residing in the metropolis, and Rs.

A budget of Rs. 24.55 million has been allocated for disaster management and pre-preparedness. Rs. 10 million has been allocated for updating the records of all taxpayers and linking taxes to digital system, Rs.

A budget of Rs. 5 million has been allocated for sustainable infrastructure development, Rs. 750 million for overall administrative expenditure and Rs.

Priority of the metropolis: urban infrastructure, continuity of unfinished planning

The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation has prioritized urban infrastructure, land use and settlement development and continuity of unfinished projects in the budget for the coming fiscal year.

It is seen in the budget that Mahaganar has given priority to agriculture and livestock development, education development, maintenance, health care, environment, sanitation and greenery and disaster management.

70 million from the federal and state governments is being frozen, capital expenditure is 35 percent

It is seen that the amount of Rs 70 million sent by the federal and state governments for conditional grant for Bharatpur Metropolitan City will be frozen.

It is estimated that Rs. 70 million will be frozen from the budget of the current fiscal year in the budget presented by the Deputy Chief Chitrasen Adhikari. In the current fiscal year of Mahaganarpali, out of the Rs.

Out of the budget allocation of Rs 3.18 billion, only Rs 1.92 billion or 35 percent has been spent.

In the budget presented by the Deputy Chief Officer, the current expenditure is estimated to be 1.67 billion and the capital expenditure is 1.75 billion. The metropolis had brought a budget of Rs 5.51 billion for the current fiscal year.

During this period, recurrent expenditure was 57 percent and capital expenditure was 37 percent in the previous fiscal year.

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