Former Prime Minister Bhattarai is campaigning for the national government

baburam bhattarai

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Janata Samajbadi Party’s Federal Council, Baburam Bhattarai, has reiterated the importance of forming a national government without former prime ministers.

On Twitter on Sunday, Bhattarai stated that he met with Prime Minister KP Oli and suggested that a national government led by someone other than a former prime minister be formed.

Last week, Bhattarai also stated his position. However, CPN-UML leader Mahesh Basnet claimed that Bhattarai met with Prime Minister Oli and expressed his willingness to become the national government’s prime minister.

Bhattarai clarified in a tweet on Sunday, saying, “Since the prime minister spoke through his envoy, I need to clarify the issue.” Yes, I met Prime Minister Oli during a period of national crisis. I met him in my capacity as a PM, not as a person.”

During the meeting, Bhattarai suggested that PM Oli form a national government led by someone who is not a former prime minister.

“I told him to form such a national government. I then floated the issue with other leaders after PM Oli refused to do so. We have still time to form a national government in accordance with Article 76 (5). Let’s think over it,” Bhattarai has said.

The President is required by Article 76 (5) of the Constitution to appoint a member of the House of Representatives as Prime Minister if he or she provides a basis for a vote of confidence.