Province 1: Bhim Acharya taking vote of confidence today

Bhim Acharya

Bhim Acharya, the Chief Minister of Pradesh 1, is facing a vote of confidence today.

Chief Minister Bhim Acharya will present a motion for a vote of confidence in the Provincial Assembly meeting today at 1 p.m., according to Provincial Assembly member Hikmat Karki.

According to Karki, it is unclear whether the confidence motion will be voted on today or not because all of the lawmakers who had gone home for the Dashain festival had yet to return to Biratnagar.

Despite the fact that the Chief Minister filed an application with the parliament secretariat on October 11, it was unable to be implemented because the parliament had been postponed earlier.

The meeting on October 10 was deferred by Speaker Pradeep Kumar Bhandari until October 22.

As per the existing legislation, Acharya is currently under pressure to call a vote of confidence within one month following the party’s split.
Opposition parties had demanded that Acharya, who was sworn in as Chief Minister of Province 1 on August 26, face a confidence vote on September 26.

On August 25, the CPN-UML separated to establish the CPN (Unified Socialist).

Acharya needs 47 votes in the 93-member Provincial Assembly of Province 1 to keep his job. Following the party split, the UML presently has only 41 lawmakers, including the speaker (one of whom is suspended).

There are 50 lawmakers in the opposition coalition (Nepali Congress: 21, CPN (Maoist Center): 15, CPN (Unified Socialist): 10, Janata Samajwadi Party: 3, Federal Democratic Forum: 1).