BIGG BOSS MALAYALAM SEASON 4 ELIMINATION: Who Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Malayalam 4?

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Elimination 2nd Week – 10th April 2022: Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Malayalam 4? Revealed: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 is all set for its second week’s elimination on the show. Yes, it is the weekend and BB Malayalam is heading towards its third week. Bigg Boss Malayalam premiered on 27 March 2022 on Asianet. It was a huge opening of the show in which the host and the contestants were introduced on the show. The show started with 17 contestants and the host Mohanlal. In the first week of the show, the contestants made the level of competition very high. In this article, we are going to give you all details about this week’s elimination so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Bigg Boss Malayalam Elimination

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Elimination

  • Nimisha PS

As we told you that it is the 4th season of the BB Malayalam and was premiered recently on Asianet. It is produced by Endemol Shine India. The show has a total of 17 contestants who are doing great in the show. This week, we have witnessed some fights and arguments between the contestants. At the beginning of the show, the contestants have already divided into small groups. Some well-known faces have appeared in the show and are all set to face all the challenges.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 week 2 – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 this week – Bigg Boss Malayalam Elimination

According to the voting results, Nimisha PS and Daisy Davi can be seen in the danger zone as they both have got fewer votes than other nominated contestants. Last week, Janaki got evicted from the house. Muhammed Blesslee is safe this week with higher votes among all other nominated contestants. Now, it will be interesting to know who will be evicted this week from the house.

Well, BB Malayalam Season 4 is currently going on really well and providing a huge dose of entertainment to its viewers. From the first week of the show, it is gaining an immense response from the viewers. The contestants have been trying to make a fan base for themselves by entertaining as the audience’s votes are very important to everyone to survive the show. It is only the second month, there will be more drama and fun in the show so just wait and watch for the fun. Do not forget to watch the upcoming weekend episode on Asianet.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominated Contestants List

  • Muhammed Blesslee
  • Aswin V
  • Jasmin Moosa
  • Daisy David
  • Robin RB
  • Disha Prasannan
  • Ronson Vincent
  • Nimisha PS

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4, is now in its 2nd week, an enthusiast of the show is keen to grab the details about tonight’s episode as well, as search for the voting trends. Then you guys are at the right platform as we are going to take you all with us on the gripping update of the voting trends as well as of tonight’s episode. Season 4 is already making the round as the inmates this time are so keen to grab the updates of the enter season then bookmark our site for this.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Voting Results For This Week

  • Ronson Vincent- 12.17% (734 votes)
  • Nimisha PS- 4.01% (242 votes)
  • Robin RB- 22.30% (1345 votes)
  • Disha Prasannan- 15.67% (945 votes)
  • Daisy David- 5.34% (322 votes)
  • Aswin V- 6.38% (385 votes)
  • Jasmin Moosa- 11.59% (699 votes)
  • Muhammed Blesslee- 2.55% (1360 votes)

In tonight’s episode, we are going to witness that a task assigned to inmates is going to be entertaining as they all make their efforts to grab the immunity as well as the opportunity. But during this the inmates will be involved in a fight and heated arguments, Hence the episode tonight is going to be filled with massive drama, arguments take place inside the house. So get ready for tonights gripping drama in the show and you will be definitely going to enjoy it.

As per the promo of tonight’s episode, the inmates are seen as the housemates discussing the task and they are indulged in the planning and framing of the strategies for the task to grab the opportunity in their favor. This episode is filled with spice and drama.

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The voting list is led by Robin and Blesslee as they are with the highest votes in their pocket. The game is highly appreciable by the audience. Whereas there are two names in the danger, Daisy and Nimisha are at the bottom line of the voting list and have the least number of votes in their pocket so they might be going to face elimination in the 2nd week of season 4. If you want to save your favorite inmate then the voting lines are still open and you may hit a voting button for your favorite inmate.

Stay tuned to us to grab more details on the same.

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