Bilal Hazziez Net Worth And Annual Earnings – Kansas City Realtor On 90 Day Fiance

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Bilal Hazziez is a real estate agent in Kansas City, Missouri, who earns well and maintains a healthy lifestyle. His fiancee Shaeeda goes to the United States to be with him in the new series 90 Day Fiance.

Bilal and his ex-wife Shahida have been divorced for seven years. He is the parent of a son and a daughter. Through Facebook, he meets Shaeeda, a yoga instructor from Trinidad & Tobago.

Due of the Covid-19 epidemic, Shaeeda’s K1 visa could not be processed at first, preventing her from moving to the United States. The two had not seen each other in almost two years prior to filming for the series.

Bilal Hazziez

Bilal Hazziez

What Is Bilal Hazziez’s Net Worth From 90 Days Fiance?

Bilal Hazziez works as a realtor in Kansas City, which is a well-paid position. As a result, it’s safe to infer that the 90 Day Fiance star is well-off.

The realtor’s wealth can be deduced from his family’s background alone. He is from a well-known muslin family. His mother is a doctor, and his father is a well-known figure in the community.

Bilal is also a motivational speaker and philanthropist. He frequently speaks about Allah and the inspiration that religion provides to individuals at events throughout the city.

He’s also a real estate agent with his own company. He has a good number of clientele and is one of the finest in the Kansas City area at what he does. He has 15 years of expertise as a real estate investor.

The Annual Earnings And Net Worth Of Bilal Hazziez

Though determining Bilal Hazziez’s actual net worth is challenging, an estimate can be made based on his career and business. The native real estate agent of the 90 Day Fiance appears to be worth more than $10 million.

Bilal’s real estate company provides the majority of his income. Looking at his personal websites and the property listings on them, it appears that the commission he receives from the transactions is sufficient to support his family.

In the United States, the average annual pay for a real estate agent is $105,000. As a result, Bilal is consistently earning a sizable sum of money, which adds to his net worth.

More On Bilal Hazziez 90 Day Fiance Shaeeda

Shaeeda, a yoga instructor from Trinidad & Tobago, is 37 years old. Bilal is shown in 90 Day Fiance working on a K1 visa to bring his fiancee, Shaeeda, to the United States.

Bilal met Shaeeda on Facebook and travelled to Trinidad & Tobago for a week. The couple fell in love and became engaged, but he was unable to bring her to the United States due of the Covid-19.

@bilalhazziez, the realtor’s Instagram account, has 29K followers. The series depicts Bilal’s love for Shaeeda as well as the process of bringing Shaeeda to Kansas City, Missouri.

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