Biplob said that there could be unity and cooperation with the communist parties

July 7, Jumla. General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal Netra Bikram Chand (Biplava) has said that there can be unity and cooperation with the Communist Parties based on the political needs of Nepal.

At a press meet organized by the Communist Party of Nepal Jumla, General Secretary Biplob said that there could be unity and cooperation among the Communist Party on the basis of revolutionary thinking and not backwardness.

In response to a journalist’s question, he said, “One day the communists should be united and we may have to move forward together with the democratic forces in the journey of socialism.” Biplab said that there was no shortage of communists in the world but there was a shortage of communists.

Speaking on the occasion, Leader Chand said that national independence was at stake. He also appealed to all patriotic Nepalis to unite for the protection of national independence.

Chand said that issues like US MCC and SPP were not in Nepal’s interest. Stating that the US has tried to encroach militarily, he said, “This is not good for Nepal and Nepalis.”

He also informed that the general convention of his party Communist Party of Nepal will be held in the coming September.

According to the party’s Jumla District Secretary Birsha Bahadur Shahi, Chand, who arrived in Jumla on the evening of June 19, had met the inmates of Jumla Prison and leaders of political parties in Jumla. Secretariat member Santosh Budhamgar, central leader Bharat Bahadur Bam and other leaders including Chand are currently in Jumla.

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