Bir Hospital’s new building is unable to operate due to lack of oxygen

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Due to a lack of medical oxygen, the Bir Hospital is unable to use its new hospital bock.

Despite the government’s decision to use the New Surgical Building to treat Covid-19 patients, the new surgical block has yet to be used due to an oxygen shortage.

Dr. Shanta Sapkota, hospital director, stated that despite making preparations to use the new building for treating Covid-19 patients as directed by the government, they have been unable to operate the Covid-19 hospital from the new building due to a lack of oxygen.

There is a daily demand for 15,000 oxygen cylinders, but the country currently produces only 7,200 cylinders.

“We had made all preparations to keep the patients in the new building but had to stop it due to a lack of oxygen,” she explained, adding that the Covid-19 patients require oxygen and there is none available. As a result, they were unable to keep the patients in the new building without arranging for oxygen.

Dr Sapkota stated that the new hospital for Covid-19 patients would require at least 600 oxygen cylinders. She went on to say that efforts were being made to manage the oxygen and that the patients would be kept at the new facility once oxygen was available.

Originally, it was planned to keep 100 to 300 beds in the new structure. There are 500 beds available.