Biratnagar airport

Biratnagar airport to be operational from tomorrow

The Biratnagar Airport, which was closed due to floods, will be operational from Saturday. 

The Biratnagar airport will come into operation after testing the equipment for two days. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has given permission to fly in the afternoon when the weather is clear. The flight schedule will be from 5 am to 5 pm only. The night flight will not be immediate as the equipment is yet to be checked.

According to sources, for the time being, only VFR flights will be operated without IFR (equipment-based) flights. Once the equipment is sure to be agile, the IFR flight will also take place. In the case of an IFR flight, a night flight is also possible. 

Meanwhile, the companies are returning their ships stranded at the airport to Kathmandu and flying to other destinations. The companies have made additional flights to Bhadrapur and Rajbiraj as an alternative to Biratnagar.

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