Biratnagar metropolis urges donors for vaccination

Biratnagar Vaccination

The Biratnagar Metropolitan City has requested the donor body to help in vaccinating against the corona virus. 

The corporation has written a letter to the donor body requesting to provide the vaccine.

Chief of the Biratnagar Metropolitan City Bhim Parajuli said that they had written a letter requesting for help after the epidemic was brought under control due to lack of vaccine. China’s Uhan and Uhu city, US USAID, Japan’s JICA and Citinet DRR have been asked to provide the vaccine.

The DAID of the United Kingdom, Helvitas of Switzerland, Kaika of Korea and the City Secretariat of Seoul, India, Germany and other embassies have requested for the assistance of the vaccine.

“We urge donors to control the epidemic,” Parajuli said.

Donors have been asked to provide vaccines, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, VTMs, antigen kits and other materials, he said, adding that the process would be taken forward in coordination with the federal government.